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3 years ago

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xTrollxDudex, Admin

As TridentSDK continues to slowly but surely mature into another release, our API is just beginning to round off and have more features implemented.


We're looking for feedback, and ESPECIALLY requests to include in the API. We look at different APIs from competitors to previous generations of server wrappers to filter and include only what we think is relevant and "good". I pull experience from my time helping on Bukkit's plugin development to give insight to the API's features, but the relevance for that is slowly fading away as my time apart from Bukkit's grows.


Therefore, if you have an idea, stupid or clever, please do share it with us. We have the massively underused forums, the PRs on GitHub, and our JIRA. We want to start building our developer base in order to have people who can use and critique our API. You - yes - you, can help develop TridentSDK by using it and seeing how it feels and suggesting how we can fix the API or add new features.


I am hesitant to begin releasing the API because of the lack of people who have used and proofread the API. So whilst it is in an easily refactorable and immature state, be sure to check out the API and see what you can do with it. You can find instructions for everything by clicking Docs>Wiki, and be sure to leave us a message.


As always, thank you very much for your continued support of our project. I truly don't believe how far we have gotten since last year, let's make the second year something to remember as well <3

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