Development #1

3 years ago

Avatar of xTrollxDudex
xTrollxDudex, Admin

School year is almost 4 weeks in for me. Development of Trident has been slow for the most part. I'm afraid this will cause a large amount of delay in any development at all of TridentSDK projects. Needless to say, I still plan on actively maintaining TridentSDK projects.

We really need more hands on deck. I can't be the only one contributing to this, and I am stuck on quite a few things. If we can get chunks to send in order of painting to each player that would be great. If we can get chat to work that would be great. Check our JIRA, submit pull requests, or ask to join. We need someone dedicated and skilled.


Cross your fingers you guys.


Development #2

3 years ago

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Halmerson, Member

I can be dedicated, Idk bout' skilled though. xD

I am homeschooled, which gives me "more" time to work on it, than the average "public school goer".

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