What we are doing here at TridentSDK #1

3 years ago

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Stuff to do

Physics - Get sand to fall, get entities to collide, etc

Concurrency improvements - Attempting to contact nallar and other multithreaded minecraft oriented people, aggregating works from many parts of the minecraft ecosystem

Better generation - gives me cancer just looking at it, need to work on it severely

Update the design document/documentation - We've focused heavily on background development, will people understand how it works and how to use it?

Bootstrap - Easy startup and installation for noobs

What other people want, getting more people to join and getting the word out - The community is very important to us, but we've got a small one

Implement optimizations like those in Spigot, NoLagg, pTweaks, etc - We aggregate optimizations from multiple sources


What I am doing

Reworking the API: https://tridentsdk.net/f/t/64/


What I'm supposed to be doing

Concurrency: I'm the only real person working on this... halp pls

Design document


Other things we should be doing but aren't

Logging improvements - Cancer cancer cancer

Auto update

AI, ProtocolMetadata - Mazen, please

NBT -> Entity - Mazen

Javadocing - We don't have the time to do this, as development is very time consuming

Testing - Again, we test a ton earlier in the year, but I'm the only one active at the moment

Coverage - Vilsol occupied

Biomes - Mythbuster

Block manipulation - OrangelynX, Max, newest member of the team. Currently caught up in school.

Commands - You don't need them yet

Player locations - Been eluding us for a while. Not important.

Entities - Not important for now.

API missing a ton of libraries - it sucks as a whole, no viable framework to build off of. Needs redesign.

Provide PROPER serialization/reflection facilities

Non-esoteric configs - Have some room to imrove

Provide real cooldowns

Reload the server correctly and clear the plugin classloader


Alright, that's just about what we need to do to make Trident a decent server. We plan to release when player entities and nameplates are implemented, then after block manipulation is implemented. That is the plan for release so far. N plans have been made do TridentSDK. We do not have the people in the project or the popularity like others. We appreciate anyone who has an intermediate skill set who can work with us and help develop the next generation of Minecraft servers. Read more on the home page, top post. As always, thanks for the continued support. You do not realize how close I am to giving up, only to read the support and praise for the project. It's all I ask if you are reading this, and can't help in any other way, please spread the word!


Found an issue? Report it! Click the JIRA link above to access our bug tracker. Don't have an account? Make one. Don't want one? Don't need one. Press the Feedback button to the right of your screen. Don't have a test server? Get one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5q7pmzkzwwezi4/trident-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar?dl=0. Can't develop plugins? Depend on that jar. Don't like Trident? Reply. Tell us how to improve.

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What we are doing here at TridentSDK #2

3 years ago

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It's when everyone else is silent that it is the most difficult. Get a running release, and watch the popularity soar. The main reason you're not seeing anything is because there is no real release yet. Sponge's downfall is that it requires a client side mod as well. Trident (If I remember correctly) won't and that is what will make this so popular once you have it working.

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What we are doing here at TridentSDK #3

3 years ago

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It's been up for a while now ;)


No official releases as of yet.

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