As some of you may have noticed, there haven't been as many commits to the project as usual and I will be going over directly the reasons why this issue is happening. Recently, our team have been facing big events in our lives, rather it be school, jobs, moving, etc. From my discussions from some members, they have barely been getting sleep, some with getting only 3 hours of sleep every 2 days. In the news post "November Update" we go over majority of everything, however I will be quickly going over it again.

First of all, I've been recently been going through the process of moving back to Canada (from Dubai), which has put me behind school as well as taking up time setting up unpacking, setting up, and generally moving everything. Secondly, Vilsol and Mythbusterma have been extremely busy with university and their other responsibilities which take priority. Lastly, Twister has recently damaged his eye(s), and I haven't heard from him. Other members have been stuck as well as I am on a bug which I will describe into much further detail on Jira (to be linked).

In the meantime, we appreciate feedback on what we currently have and contributions from the community wherever possible.

UPDATE: Seems the bug was a simple issue with how we were decompressing the file, fixed it on my side.

MazenMC, Team Lead

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