The Beginning

Today marks one of the very special days for the TridentSDK project, the release of the forums. With great help from Vilsol, we've got a fully functional forums. Note that this website will be having more additions as we go along however it is a start for community interaction :) As some of you may be new to our project, let me introduce it to you. TridentSDK is the successor to the Bukkit/Spigot projects. Following the news of the "takeover" of the Bukkit project and the DMCA takedown of Bukkit, and therefore Spigot (we are quite aware of binary patches), we realized that someone needs to step up and create the best of server software for Minecraft after the decline of both projects. The result was TridentSDK, the development kit that is implemented by the server, Trident.

We are grateful to the community who has heard about our project for submitting pull requests, starting, watching, and forking our project. We primarily use IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains to develop, although some of us have stayed with Eclipse.

Recently, we've had many developers come and go from the project, however we have now built a hard-working team looking to enhance the Minecraft community. Here are their names and their self-written introductions;

  1. Mazen
    Hi, my name is Mazen,, a software engineer and the lead developer as well as project lead of Trident. Since I was a child I loved technology and have always wanted to learn about the architecture behind it as well as all the little details. Within the past couple of years, I've been enjoying becoming fluent multiple programming languages from C, C++, Java, all the way to Go. I've been working professionally in the field of software engineering for almost 2 years and in doing so expanded my knowledge on the real world greatly.
  2. AgentTroll
    I'm a programmer from Seattle, Washington. My online name is Pierre C (not my real name), and the various usernames I've used are xTrollxDudex, AgentTroll, AgentTrolldude, etc... Basically, I'm this immature Asian that loves computers and rice (typical, right?), and yes, I do wear glasses! Most of my time is spent on Cross Country running or playing club soccer (some of you may have seen the PacNWSC jacket I've posted on Twitter, and EastsideFC sucks). I am primarily a back-end with 2.5 years of Java experience. I expert on concurrency, performance, testing, and correctness. So yeah, that's pretty much it.
  3. Vilsol
    Hey everyone! I'm 18 years old, and I am currently studying in University of Portsmouth. I live in UK, but I am originally from Latvia. I am the main developer for this website, so please report any troubles to me. I have been coding for almost 8 years now, and my most stable languages are Java, PHP, C++, Lua, Python, and others. Even though I have been programming in Java only for around a year, I managed to pick everything up really fast. Welcome to Trident!
  4. Mythbustma
    I'm Mythbusterma (myth-bus-ter-m-a) a.k.a Myth, I'm 19 and currently stuying computer science at Michigan Technological University. I've been writing code since I was 14, when I taught myself C++. Still a C++ elitest, I also learned Java about 3 years ago to develop for Androids, and I started developing for Bukkit about 3 months before its demise. I then came over to Trident, as it seemed like the most stable and long-term solution, without having to wait for server updates or Forge updates.
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