August Update

Here is something to catch you up on what has been happening in TridentSDK since the last update.

I have returned from my absence, and there has been massive progress has been made in various different sections of the server. Troll has been working on world generation, whilst I have been working on the "Little" things like sounds, item drops and tile entities as well as the website.

Sound and Effect libraries have been implemented and are now functional for block placement and breaking. There are no other sounds yet, as they will be added with the functionality of their respective systems, like entities.

Speaking of entities, you can now drop and pick up items! There are bad news though, as we don't have a "Gravity Engine" yet, then the entity will appear different on the client compared to where it actually is, but that will soon be taken in to account as more entities are added to the game.

A few tile have started to appear in the code, for example, chests now are almost 90% done with all different possible item movement methods (click, doubleclick, number key, drag, etc). This also means that player inventory management is now functional as well.

There has also been progress on world generation, which includes brushes and chunk generation. This means that we can start making progress on different world spawns like trees, villages, dungeons, mineshafts, etc. Though there is a major problem currently that a few chunks get sent to the client before they are populated by their neighbouring chunks which is a problem, because that causes inconsistency between the server and the client. This is currently our top priority.

On a non-code related news, we have finally decided on what information will be available where. For example, in the Docs you will find a very simple tutorial on how to make your first plugin in TridentSDK, where we will place references to the Wiki for some advanced explinations. On the Wiki however everyone will be able to contribute, and post their examples, as well as some more in-depth mechanics of the server and Minecraft as well as full documentation on all features that TridentSDK will provide.

In the website there are a few new features as well, for example, you may have already noticed that there is now a search bar at the top right. The search is system wide and you can find news stories, users, topics and plugins. Later down the line you will also be able to search for commit messages and TridentSDK releases. On the user profile page you can now find the most recent posts and topics the user has created.

We are hoping to release the 1.0 version of TridentSDK before christmas, but we are not sure of this date as of yet, due to schools and universities. We welcome any contributions in any direction of development.

Vilsol, Maintainer of TridentSDK

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