Preparing for release

I know. We've been talking amongst ourselves a lot about this, but I will say for myself, as well as the rest of the team, release is imminent.

We've put this off for a long time. We've speculated release at January, then February, no, March, April... And as we approach the first year anniversary in just another month and a half - I am strongly suggesting that we WILL finish Trident by the end of August, if not before.

In the past few days, we have been more active than the past 2 months combined - we've made things work. The magnitude of the coming moment matches that of what happened when we first found out how to render chunks for players. Yes, players spawn. Yes, they move smoothly. Yes, the client still accepts chunks. We are missing lots of elements of the game, but one thing remains before we release: block manipulation. Minecraft is a voxel game. We don't want to rush this and release it while something as basic to the game is missing from the server. We also don't want to destroy your worlds or your computer. So please. Bear with us a little longer. This time, I will promise to get it out.

We have the stuff we have done for the past few days and the rest of what we need to do right in the links up top. Or you can click here:

I apologize to say that the API nor the documentation is very mature - that's just the side effects of lacking a large user and community base. I will work on it myself, as I have done with the API locally once the top priority server stuff is done, and everyone can start using it.

So we don't have much support, which I am sorry to say hasn't built up much due to the Sponge hype. But we are different. When we release, as we have decided months and months ago - we have something to show. We aren't fooling around with development builds that aren't being tested - when we release, we have something that works, that we have put our confidence and our work into. We are not Sponge. We aren't "commercializing", so to speak with an LLC and raising money, or any of the behind the scenes stuff. of the sort. We are just the average developers, making cool things for Minecraft, just as it was meant to be when it was 2011.

So for all of the people who are still backing us, ever since the beginning, put their faith and their trust that we would finish this, even though I felt like giving up, when the other developers and I were getting distracted and offtrack, I can't let you all down. Because of bugs within the website at the moment, I'd like anyone who would like to speak with us to make a forum post, or email me personally at [email protected]. And until the next month, keep checking us out for updates, tell your friends, and as always, please don't hesitate to apply:

Thanks for the continued support.


xTrollxDudex, Developer of Concurrency/Testing

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