August Update

Here is something to catch you up on what has been happening in TridentSDK since the last update.

I have returned from my absence, and there has been massive progress has been made in various different sections of the server. Troll has been working on world generation, whilst I have been working on the "Little" things like sounds, item drops and tile entities as well as the website.

Sound and Effect libraries have been implemented and are now functional for block placement and breaking. There are no other sounds yet, as they will be added with the functionality of their respective systems, like entities.

Speaking of entities, you can now drop and pick up items! There are bad news though, as we don't have a "Gravity Engine" yet, then the entity will appear different on the client compared to where it actually is, but that will soon be taken in to account as more entities are added to the game.

A few tile have started to appear in the code, for example, chests now are almost 90% done with all different possible item movement methods (click, doubleclick, number key, drag, etc). This also means that player inventory management is now functional as well.

There has also been progress on world generation, which includes brushes and chunk generation. This means that we can start making progress on different world spawns like trees, villages, dungeons, mineshafts, etc. Though there is a major problem currently that a few chunks get sent to the client before they are populated by their neighbouring chunks which is a problem, because that causes inconsistency between the server and the client. This is currently our top priority.

On a non-code related news, we have finally decided on what information will be available where. For example, in the Docs you will find a very simple tutorial on how to make your first plugin in TridentSDK, where we will place references to the Wiki for some advanced explinations. On the Wiki however everyone will be able to contribute, and post their examples, as well as some more in-depth mechanics of the server and Minecraft as well as full documentation on all features that TridentSDK will provide.

In the website there are a few new features as well, for example, you may have already noticed that there is now a search bar at the top right. The search is system wide and you can find news stories, users, topics and plugins. Later down the line you will also be able to search for commit messages and TridentSDK releases. On the user profile page you can now find the most recent posts and topics the user has created.

We are hoping to release the 1.0 version of TridentSDK before christmas, but we are not sure of this date as of yet, due to schools and universities. We welcome any contributions in any direction of development.

Vilsol, Maintainer of TridentSDK

It's the day we've all been waiting for. Within the next several days, we will officially release an alpha of Trident for developers to use.

326 days ago, the first commit was pushed to the Trident repository. 0 days ago, Trident was released.

Please welcome a new, and the first JAR file to be released officially of the Trident project. In it, we have poured our time and effort into creating a Minecraft server, that, not only is completely written from scratch, but is high-performance, stable, and simple.

Before you press the download link, forget about this post, and run your own Trident server, allow me to tell you the story.

Not even a year ago, Bukkit was dying. EvilSeph was leaving, all of Bukkit's staff were resigining, there was trolling, flaming, hope, despair, and a number of people who just wanted to do something about it instead of watch all of it unfold, and boy, did it do exactly that.

I'll put out that I did not exactly start TridentSDK, nor was I there at the start of everything. Essentially, a few of the guys over at Gazamo decided to start this crazy idea of making a Minecraft server - yes, the one with like, 1K obfuscated source files - completely froms scratch. In fact, looking back, there was something along the lines of 18 or 20 developers (not that they really did anything). There have been developers that have come and gone, but what we are left with - myself, Mazen, Mythbusterma, the ever silent Vilsol, and new additions of TigerReborn and Orangelynx - is the TridentSDK Team, and we're here to bring you a fresh addition to the Minecraft software ecosystem.

I know we've made promises, thrown out speculations, predictions of the time left until we can give a download link. We've said January, then Februray, then March, April... Even we didn't know. I've pushed the team, and added TigerReborn within the last week to blast the rest of the bugs left onTRD-26. We've made significant progresses throughout the year, one of the many joys of developing something that often won't work. I vividly remember the first time in our chat - the core team, everyone, was there - we threw in and out edits to the packet scheme... And finally, Mazen joins the server and boom, the player spawns... It was dark, black, and the player did absolutely nothing, that feeling in your gut - the mingling of success and internal happiness that words cannot describe - it was beautiful.

The next month passes, and we are polishing up player KeepAlive... Breakthrough. Mazen comes on the chat one day - CLIENT IS ACCEPTING CHUNK PACKETS. Big things happening like that, it's motivation to keep on going. We got a lot of misconceptions about the clean room nature when we included mojang's authserver code, and we've kept to ourselves and put everything out in one big push. Today is the result of our months and months of hard work. Meet the Trident server.

Be warned: generated worlds look very bad. Placed blocks will not have data, so no colored wool. Basically, for this release, you can join the server, fly around, place blocks, chat, remove blocks, move around, save and generate worlds and just hang out. Nothing really fancy here. You can drop in your own world instead (Make sure to back it up before you do, this is a very early release some unpredicted bugs may occur) if you want to in case the generated one looks too bad. Just make sure it is named "world" (yes, we're working on it).


  • Generated worlds look bad
  • Not production status
  • Getting out of flying is terrible. You need to shift to the ground and then wait a couple of seconds, then release.
  • Blocks won't have data
  • No entities other than players
  • Movement of other players is very buggy
  • Plugins WON'T WORK. Only some functions are implemented.
  • You might get bugs

If you find a bug, PLEASE, make sure to post to our bug tracker using the JIRA link in the bar above. You need to register for an account however. You may also post in the Trident Suggestions forum, but it will be closed and moved to JIRA if I find any issues. If you want people to test the server with you,

If you want to see if your issue has been reported, check this link out



This is a Development Preview, alpha. If you run a production server, do not use this JAR. This was made for developers and debuggers alike - you should use it to play with your friends and test Trident. The TridentSDK Team does not accept liability for damages caused by running the provided JAR file.



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Preparing for release

I know. We've been talking amongst ourselves a lot about this, but I will say for myself, as well as the rest of the team, release is imminent.

We've put this off for a long time. We've speculated release at January, then February, no, March, April... And as we approach the first year anniversary in just another month and a half - I am strongly suggesting that we WILL finish Trident by the end of August, if not before.

In the past few days, we have been more active than the past 2 months combined - we've made things work. The magnitude of the coming moment matches that of what happened when we first found out how to render chunks for players. Yes, players spawn. Yes, they move smoothly. Yes, the client still accepts chunks. We are missing lots of elements of the game, but one thing remains before we release: block manipulation. Minecraft is a voxel game. We don't want to rush this and release it while something as basic to the game is missing from the server. We also don't want to destroy your worlds or your computer. So please. Bear with us a little longer. This time, I will promise to get it out.

We have the stuff we have done for the past few days and the rest of what we need to do right in the links up top. Or you can click here:

I apologize to say that the API nor the documentation is very mature - that's just the side effects of lacking a large user and community base. I will work on it myself, as I have done with the API locally once the top priority server stuff is done, and everyone can start using it.

So we don't have much support, which I am sorry to say hasn't built up much due to the Sponge hype. But we are different. When we release, as we have decided months and months ago - we have something to show. We aren't fooling around with development builds that aren't being tested - when we release, we have something that works, that we have put our confidence and our work into. We are not Sponge. We aren't "commercializing", so to speak with an LLC and raising money, or any of the behind the scenes stuff. of the sort. We are just the average developers, making cool things for Minecraft, just as it was meant to be when it was 2011.

So for all of the people who are still backing us, ever since the beginning, put their faith and their trust that we would finish this, even though I felt like giving up, when the other developers and I were getting distracted and offtrack, I can't let you all down. Because of bugs within the website at the moment, I'd like anyone who would like to speak with us to make a forum post, or email me personally at [email protected]. And until the next month, keep checking us out for updates, tell your friends, and as always, please don't hesitate to apply:

Thanks for the continued support.


xTrollxDudex, Developer of Concurrency/Testing

We are hiring

We'd love to have dedicated, experienced developers to help us out. If you've developed with Bukkit before, and even if you haven't, we're looking for developers to add to our still, 4 man development team.

EDIT: Sign up here:

Just a small update on what we need to do:

block placement



player entities


Concurrency improvements

Memory analysis

Chunk storage

Better generation

Update the design document/documentation



If you are experienced with the Minecraft protocol, please contact me immediately at [email protected] Otherwise, post in Trident Suggestions. We expect you to provide your skillset, previous work, experience with Java/Bukkit/Minecraft development, and what you can help us out with. Something about yourself would be awesome as well. We are very close to finishing the first release, yet player entities don't work. Your time reading this is appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

xTrollxDudex, Developer of Concurrency/Testing


PS concurrency guys needed too

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